Once in a while an artist comes along whose music takes the listener from the realm of the familiar into a territory of infinite possibilities and new dimensions. In the world of Music, ZAMBRANA will be a name to remember. With an innovative sound and songs characterized by creative delivery and in-your-face lyrics there is no question on whether or not his music will be heard and embraced by the masses.

From South Carolina, a state not normally known for producing artists, emerges ZAMBRANA helping to further solidify the musical talents rooted in the South. Having developed an interest in music at an early age, and feels that there is a big void in Hip-Hop & The Music Industry that needs to be filled. Seeing how there’s a lot of hype surrounding the majority of the more well known artists he feels that their music just doesn’t live up to it. Its a let down. Music fans have been waiting for the next great chapter in music and ZAMBRANA is the artist that will give it to them.

After intricately and patiently comprising his Debut Albums,”ALL EYES ON Z” and “UNDENIABLE” the never done before dual seperate albums are ready to be released and marketed. With powerful singles such as, “How U Do It”,”I Won’t Fall” & “Who Got It” on one and “ChaChing”, “Moanin” & “Hit Her With The D” ZAMBRANA is ready to hit airwaves nationwide, it wont be long before the people hear the albums and make him an Instant Success!!!

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Twitter: @Zambranasc

  •     Hit Her With The D
  •     Break A Sweat