About Us

We chose this name because it reflects not only the strong honor and commitment of the FP Entertainers within our organization, but also our goals to reunite the community with a sense of brotherly and sisterly love. We will always iterate the fact that hip hop is more than music it’s a culture.

FP Entertainment is a organization who’s soul goal is to bridge unity within the streets and the music game. FP uses the revenues from our expressed talents whether positive or negative to build our communities up and stop being so self centered. That’s why it all ends up positive anyway.



Our artist knows how to move your mind, body and soul by delivering tracks that stand out from the norm. As if this impressive succession of high impact, floor-filling bombs wasn’t enough to sustain.

Lyrical Kingdom - Mic's Of The Round Table

  •     Wille Green - Fresh
  •     Deuce Iz Wild - Simple Life
  •     Cesar - Easy Money
  •     Rayvoughn Ray - Her Song Ft Wille Green
  •     G.A. Deuce Iz Wild - Work It Out
  •     Deuce Iz Wild - Hit Hard
  •     HoodWork - Big Money
  •     Big Jank - smoke with ya
  •     Deuce Iz Wild ft Shana J - Rainy Days
  •     Cesar - Lord Knows
  •     Double R Ft M-Beezie - I'm Here
  •     Mamouth - trunk pop

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