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"No Grind No Shine" That's the Family Prdutions Entertainment way of life. We chose this name because it reflects not only the strong honor and commitment of the FP Entertainers within our organization, but also our goals to reunite the community with a sense of brotherly and sisterly love. We will always reiterate the fact that hip hop is more than music it’s a culture.

FP Entertainment is a organization who’s soul goal is to bridge unity within the streets and the music game. FP uses the revenues from our expressed talents to build our communities up and stop being so self centered.
CEO/Founder Robert "Rich Rob" Carter is a self taught business man. Robert started out as a DJ in 1979 and switching to MC in 1981 and never looked back. Being in the entertainment game for so long he has a great eye and ear for talent. He decided to try his hand at engineering and fell in love with the creativity. He said "there is nothing like taking a song or video from start to finish. What a rush". Robert started shooting videos of his artist shows as a promotional tool for the artist . In 2006 he shot his first music video for his artist "GLG". The final piece of Family Productions Entertainment's puzzle. Now he's a studio engineer and a videographer. Just like mixing music, editing videos brings out his creativity. Robert says "when I shoot a video, I have to have the music first to visualize the shot angles I see. shoot what they want and what you see and bring them all together". Robert has been really into the editing since 2013 when his friend and now his artist "David Zambrana" asked to help him record a video. So they did "Cry" and it came out pretty good. So they shot 5 more videos in the next 6 Months..
Robert has learned that each video is different and try not to get in a editing loop. To date Family Productions has released more than 15 albums

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Our artist knows how to move your mind, body and soul by delivering tracks that stand out from the norm. As if this impressive succession of high impact, floor-filling bombs wasn’t enough to sustain.

Lyrical Kingdom - Mic's Of The Round Table

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